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Join an exclusive network of driven executive women in the Vitality Community, where empowering resources meet the collective wisdom of peers committed to achieving wellness and success.


Step into the Vitality Circle Where Women Craft Health Routines Together

Supportive Network

Join an active community feed where questions are encouraged, experiences shared, and healthy routines are reinforced through the support and accountability of like-minded professionals.

Interactive Learning

Participate in live monthly webinars with Dr. Sarah Robbins and guest experts, deepening your understanding of health topics and applying insights in real-time.

Recipe Archives

Enjoy a rich selection of recipes to inspire your meal planning, with new additions frequently to keep your diet varied and nourishing.

Curated Wellness Resources

Tap into a weekly updated library of expert articles covering a spectrum from nutrition to lifestyle, all designed to inform and empower your health decisions.


The Four Lasting Health Benefits You Can Count On

Continuous Peer Support

Benefit from a steadfast network of professional women who provide motivation and shared experiences, crucial for nurturing and sustaining your long-term health objectives.

Habitual Well-being

Establish and solidify healthful routines that evolve into second nature, ensuring your wellness practices become an integral and enduring part of your daily life.

Consistent Expert Insight

Receive ongoing access to health expertise that informs and shapes your wellness journey, providing you with timeless strategies that adapt to your changing needs over the years.

In-depth Health Wisdom

Gain a deep understanding of health principles that goes beyond trends, equipping you with wisdom for a lifetime of wellness and informed self-care choices.


People Who Took Their Health Back

Found My Spark Again

Skylar K

Sarah’s emphasis on emotional health along with the physical has been transformative. I’m getting better sleep, eating smarter, and feeling like a stronger me. I’ve found joy in being healthy again.

Simple Shifts, Big Difference.

Marie N

Good health is not about hours at the gym, Sarah taught me that. Her clever nutrition swaps and 10-minute workouts have been such a game-changer!

Keeping up with my kids

Liz D

Sarah’s coaching fit perfectly into my hectic life. Her efficient strategies are a lifesaver for a busy mom like me. Feeling healthier and more energized to tackle my day!

Game-Changer for Health!

Joan M

Never realized how much sleep and stress were throwing me off my game. Sarah’s a genius. She’s got me feeling grounded and in control. Thanks for bringing the balance back, Sarah!

Vitality Collective Classes: 6-Month Transformation

This six month transformation is for you:

• Full access to Vitality Community's library of expert articles, recipes, and exclusive member feed.
• Weekly LIVE calls with Dr. Sarah Robbins and expert panel for deep dives into health topics.
• Interactive teaching, health coaching, support and accountability within the group.

• Seeking time-efficient health improvement without the commitment to 1:1 coaching.
• Desire for curated health information delivered conveniently.
• Need for quick, evidence-based solutions for women's health concerns.
• Interest in weekly LIVE calls for enhanced health understanding and real-time Q&A.
• You want the support and motivation from a steadfast network of like-minded women.

Collective Members Receive

This is for you if:

• Weekly updated library of expert articles on nutrition, medicine, fitness, and lifestyle.
• Diverse recipe archive updated regularly for all meals, ensuring fresh, nutritious meal planning.
• Interactive Group Feed and Q&A feature on our dedicated app for community engagement.

• Quick access to targeted, evidence-based information for specific health concerns.
• Flexibility to progress at your own pace.
• Tools and resources for taking actionable steps towards better health.
• Opportunity to build community without the commitment of one-on-one coaching.

Free Members Can Enjoy:

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